Garth & Trisha invite STRANGERS to their home for dinner!


This is NUTS!

Garth Brooks issued the invitation of a lifetime to a fan from Sweden during his weekly Live From Studio G webcast on Monday night.

In addition to praising Garth's loyal fans, the Swedish fan mentioned that she and her new husband would be visiting the US on their honeymoon and asked Garth for his suggestions on where to go while road tripping in the South.

Garth suggested that the newlyweds pay him and Trisha Yearwood a visit for a home-cooked meal (OMG!). He said, “Because that was a sweet, sweet thing you said about the country music audience. It would be a joy to have you in our house and introduce you to the queen. I love you very, very much. Come see us!”

Jump to the 17 min mark in the video above to see the fan get the surprise of a lifetime!

Garth, who celebrates his 56th birthday today, has often showered fans with gifts, but this is the first time he's ever invited one to come over for dinner.

What an INCREDIBLE opportunity for one very lucky fan! I'm honestly amazed at this, because I'm inherently so skeptical of people online, and now Garth has invited them to his HOUSE! I wonder what Trisha is going to cook?!


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