Dashcam Video of Carrie Underwood's Traffic Stop


Last week, Carrie Underwood got pulled over for speeding in her neighborhood in the Nashville area. I'm not sure how fast she was going...it couldn't have been THAT fast, because she was on a residential street. Carrie must've been nice to the officer, because he let her go. 

I've talked to several law enforcement officers in the past, who've told me that being polite and funny with the officer will give you the BEST chance of getting let go with a warning (as long as you're not doing anything too bad, obviously). Treat them the  way you'd want to be treated, and you'll probably be fine. 

Anyway, the video above is a snippet of the dashcam video from Carrie's traffic stop. She got off with a warning!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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