Young Americans are spending a LOT on fitness!

We're spending a lot of money on exercise. How much? According to a new study, Americans, particularly Millennials, spend more on working out than on college. The study, by sports and nutrition company My Protein, found that the average American spends $155 a month on health and fitness – or $112,000 in their lifetime. By comparison, tuition at a public four-year university is about $98,000.

How does that $155 break down? $33 on gym memberships, $56 on health supplements, $35 on workout clothing and accessories, $17 for healthy eating plans and $14 on trainers. The study found that 87 percent of Americans believe paying for fitness is a high priority, and some people are paying a lot more than the monthly average of $155.

To be fair, if you spend $155 a month on something to keep your body healthy, you'll probably be spending A LOT LESS in the long run on medical expenses. 

I personally spend about $70 a month on a gym membership (cost of membership, plus a fee-based class I like to attend). That doesn't include the gym I've built in my garage, or the protein shakes, supplements, or groceries (buying healthy stuff can get expensive). Admittedly, I'm a bit of a gym nut. But hey, I'd rather put in the work now and be healthier for longer, versus being lazy now, and end up with a bunch of health issues down the road. 


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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