Dude is so drunk, he goes to the bank and thinks it's Taco Bell

We've all been there: you're at a bar somewhere, and your Bad Influence Friend suggests tequila shots and things just rocket downhill from there. Next thing you know, you're craving some junk food and decide to hit Taco Bell at 3am for some cheesy deliciousness. 

Except you're not at a Taco Bell. You're at a Bank of America. And it's not 3am, it's 5pm. Yeah. Not good. 

And OF COURSE, it happened in Florida. Spring Hill, to be exact.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

A 38-year-old Tampa man was arrested Wednesday on a charge of driving under the influence involving drugs or alcohol after deputies said he mistook a Bank of America drive-through for a Taco Bell.

The branch manager of the Mariner Boulevard bank said they saw Douglas Jon Francisco passed out in his blue Hyundai sedan while it sat in the drive-up bank lane, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. This was about 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

The manager said they started banging on the Hyundai’s window "for some time," according a deputy’s report, before Francisco finally woke up.

Then Francisco tried to order a burrito, deputies said. When Claussen told he was not, in fact, at a Taco Bell, deputies said he drove to the front parking lot. When deputies arrived, they said they found Francisco in the driver’s seat, the car still running.

Sounds like a wild night, er...day out! 

Fortunately, our taco-loving friend was arrested before he could hurt anyone while behind the wheel. 

Don't drink and drive, y'all! 

[Tampa Bay Times]

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