Blake Shelton Wears Shoes on the Beach.

Blake Shelton is in Riviera Maya, Mexico for Luke Bryan's Crash My Playa. I want to be there so bad!

I went to Cancun in December, which is very close to where Luke and Blake are right now, and it is UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL. As a native Floridian, I'm pretty picky about my beaches, but this place is just insane. The water is so blue it doesn't even look real. Seriously. 

Anway, Blake and Gwen are chillin on the beach, having a good ol' time...Gwen looks amazing. She's 48 years old and has given birth to three children and looks like THAT. Unfair. 

And Blake? Well...Blake is wearing shoes on the beach. Really. Closed-toes shoes. On the BEACH. I know he's from a landlocked state, but COME ON. That's just weird. 


See? SHOES. Weird.

Blake and Gwen were walking on the beach and ran into Luke Bryan... why can't I ever run into Luke Bryan on the beach? Because the universe clearly hates me. Not cool, universe. Not cool.

In all honesty, it looks gorgeous there and everyone seems to be having a great time. Maybe next year I can convince my husband to take me to Crash My Playa!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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