Tequila is GOOD FOR YOU!

Suddenly I feel a lot less guilty for having a post-work margarita! 

Tequila is good for you! Seriously! 

Scientists have found that tequila contains probiotics, which help balance your gut bacteria, as well as a compound that helps promote insulin production, thereby regulating your blood sugar.

Tequila also lowers cholesterol, and if you're taking medications that upset your stomach, drinking tequila can settle your tummy.

I was in Mexico twice last year, and we talked to a tequila distiller who said that in Mexico, they don't do shots of tequila. It's most often sipped after dinner to help with digestion. Most Americans immediately think of doing shots when someone says the word "tequila," but it was never meant to be consumed that way. 

The only catch here is that you need to look for a tequila that's 100% agave, with no additives. Spend a couple more dollars for the good stuff! CHEERS!

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