Woman returns DEAD Christmas tree to Costco

Some people's kids, I swear. 

A guy posted a picture on Facebook on Friday from the returns and exchanges line at his Costco in Los Angeles.  The woman in front of him had dragged in her HUGE Christmas tree, to try to return it. 

On January 4th. 

Her reason was, quote, "because it's dead." 

Yes, she wanted to return a REAL Christmas tree, a week and a half AFTER Christmas.

And . . . Costco actually GAVE her the refund.  The guy says the staff shamed her a little bit, and didn't want to give it to her, but she stood her ground, and eventually they gave in. 

They were probably just sick of her being a pain the rump in their store, and realized the quickest way to get her to leave was just to give her a refund. 

If I were the manager, I'd spend the rest of my day arguing with her before I'd hand over the money. And you KNOW that next Christmas, trees will come with a "no returns or exchanges" disclaimer. Mark my words!

[Bored Panda]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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