Dude Lights Apartment Bldg On Fire Trying to Kill Spider


Before I tell you this story, I'll preface it by saying, I once crashed my car into a gas station because there was a spider inside. So...I'm definitely not going to pass judgement on this kindred spirit over his creative method of arachnid disposal at his California apartment. 

A California man thought a lighter was a good way to kill a large spider, but he was quickly outmatched by the flaming arachnid. 

The man, who has not been named, spotted a large wolf spider inside his apartment and tried to kill it using a torch lighter. But after he set the spider ablaze, it ran onto the bed (while on fire!) which, in turn, ignited his mattress. The fire then quickly spread through the apartment as residents of the building tried to douse it with a garden hose. Eventually the fire department extinguished the blaze, but not before it caused an estimated $11,000 in damages.

I'M NOT MAD AT HIM. I can't even say with certainty that I wouldn't have done the exact same thing! I mean, have you seen the size of some of the spiders around here?!

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