Are you friends with your exes?

I've only been in a couple serious relationships in my life; in fact, I'm currently married to the second guy I ever dated long-term, and I'm no longer in contact with Boyfriend #1. 

My husband, however, is still friends with an ex. He's still on good terms with his first girlfriend. We actually went to her wedding a few years back, and a handful of my friends thought that was super weird (including my mom, who was baffled by the situation). 

I've always thought it's a sign of maturity to remain friends with an ex. I guess I've been wrong all this time, because according to this, it's a sign that you're nuts.

According to a new study, staying friends with an ex means you’re a psychopath.

Researchers found that people with the darkest personality traits, like narcissism and sadism -- among others -- are most likely to stay in contact with former partners.

Well, ok then. I guess my man and I need to have a talk.   

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