Tyler from FGL Gets Surgery

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I didn't know this, but for years, Tyler from Florida Georgia Line has been experiencing back pain. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, he decided to have surgery to correct his issue, and he posted an Instagram video afterward, while he was clearly still under the influence of anesthesia. Funny stuff! 

Glad you're feeling better, Tyler!

Here’s some morning laughs for yall. Ya boy was feeling like I just drank a whole bottle of @oldcampwhiskey ... the hospital had that good stuff. On a real note I am so thankful to have my back fixed and on its way to being 100% again.. I’ve been dealing with this for years and tried everything to avoid surgery but I’m so glad It’s over incase you can’t tell by the smile on my face. Now I start the hardest part for me.... laying around the house and trying to be still until recovery is over. #bored

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