How Many Calories Are In That Thanksgiving Meal??

I love Thanksgiving, but I know it's hell on my waistline. I'm usually pretty disciplined with my eating habits and exercise routine, but that all goes out the window on Thanksgiving. And I know I'm eating WAY more calories and carbs than usual (but hey, it's the holidays, right?), but I didn't know it was THIS many more!

Many Americans will be consuming several days’ worth of calories on Thanksgiving. Between the turkey, the side dishes, the beverages and the desserts, a typical holiday dinner alone has 3,150 calories – and then most people keep snacking and can nibble through another 1,500 calories throughout the rest of the evening. That means you could be going to bed on Thanksgiving night with more than 4,500 calories in your belly!

I usually eat about 1600 calories a day, so that's 2 and a half days worth of calories for me! 

To put that in perspective, you burn about 300-350 calories running a 5K (3.1 miles). You'd have to run THIRTEEN 5Ks (40.3 MILES) to burn that off! WOW! 

Pass the stuffing!   


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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