Police give Thanksgiving turkeys instead of tickets!

No one likes getting pulled over. Even if you are a (mostly) law-abiding citizen, it's nerve-racking being pulled over for a traffic violation!

Police in Billings, Montana recently handed out Thanksgiving turkeys at traffic stops, instead of tickets!

An anonymous local businessman reportedly donated 20 turkeys to the police department for police to hand out. The turkeys only went to people who were pulled over for very minor infractions, though. A person might receive a turkey after being pulled over for driving with a broken tail light, driving a few miles over the speed limit, or rolling through a stop sign, police said.

Imagine being pulled over for speeding, or having a light out, and then finding out that not only are you NOT getting a ticket, but your Thanksgiving dinner is being paid for too! Awesome work on the part of the Billings police! Way to spread some Holiday cheer!

[Daily Meal]

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Sarah Jacobs

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