Does your family CHARGE for Thanksgiving Dinner?


I saw a Tweet this week from a woman whose family PAYS for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't mean, they go to a restaurant. I mean, they go to a family member's house and pay the hostess for the food they eat!

At first, I thought this was ridiculous...then I thought, "Man, hosting a holiday gets expensive! It costs a lot of money to feed a large group of people..." Maybe it's not such a terrible thing to ask for a few bucks from your guests, if all they're doing is showing up and eating!

What do you think about this?? 

All I know is, I hosted Thanksgiving 2 years ago for about a dozen people, and between the food and the wine, I spent several hundred dollars. If everyone had kicked in a $20 spot, it would have been nice!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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