Cameron Diaz Lost Her Wallet and a Homeless Woman Returned It!

The world has gone crazy, and sometimes we forget that there are still SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE around us. 

Cameron Diaz went to a very fancy and VERY expensive restaurant in LA. On her way out, she dropped her wallet on the sidewalk. The wallet contained several credit cards, Cameron's ID, and a fair amount of cash.

A homeless woman picked the wallet up and brought it straight back into the restaurant... unfortunately, the restaurant (being all uppity and whatnot) blew off the homeless woman without really hearing her out...she was trying to return lost property! When the establishment kicked her out, she called the police to report the lost wallet, and then hung out in front of the restaurant until they arrived so she could turn it in!

Two thoughts: 

1) How pretentious and rude to blow that woman off when she was CLEARLY trying to be helpful. 

2) If ever there was a person who could use the money, I'm sure it was her. But she's obviously got a great moral compass because she did the right thing and returned it. 

No word yet as to whether Cameron ever heard the whole story, but I hope this woman gets rewarded in some way!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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