And your thought YOUR grocery bill was high!

Feeding an NFL team? Start with 700 pounds of chicken. Throw in 250 pounds of fish, and another 500 pounds of grass-fed beef. And that's just the protein!

The number-crunchers at ESPN took a look at the Buffalo Bills' cafeteria, which feeds roughly 250 people per day--players, coaches, front office staff, and support staff--and go through about 2000 pounds of food a week. A WEEK.

In order to feed them all, it takes over 1,500 pounds of meat and more than 500 pounds of veggies every 7 days.

The meals are, of course, heavy on protein, and are as healthy as they can be. The kitchen staff tries to have anything on hand that the team may need, including "healthier" versions of comfort foods, like burgers and ice cream, in addition to lean meats and lots of veggies. The kitchen staff arrives at 4am and serves until 7pm, and even packages up pre-portioned meals for  players to take home!

And all that doesn’t even count the smoothie bar that serves up to 60 shakes each day.

No wonder those guys playing on Sunday are so huge!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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