Stranger Hands out $100 Bills!

Some lucky folks in upstate New York have been surprised when a total stranger handed them a $100 bill. The generous guy is Jeff Buell and he’s giving away $50,000 of his own money - $100 at a time - because he thinks the world needs a little kindness today.

Buell isn’t a millionaire, he just thinks his acts of kindness will inspire recipients to pay it forward. He runs a Facebook page called Do The Next Good Thing where he documents stories of some of the people he gives cash to and shares his message of hope and kindness.“The only thing I want you to do,” he tells one lucky recipient, “I just want you to have a good today and I want you to be nice to people as best you can.”

What a wonderful thing to do! Although, if it were me, I don't think I'd believe he was for real. I'd assume it was some kind of prank or trick...and I'd totally lose out on the money!

[Inside Edition]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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