Girls Can Be Boy Scouts

For the first time in its more than 100 year history, the Boy Scouts of America will start admitting girls. Starting next fall, girls can join Cub Scouts, and go all the way to Eagle Scout, the organization's highest honor. 

The Girl Scouts aren't happy about this. They maintain that they are the best organization in existence for teaching leadership skills to young girls. 

I was a Girl Scout for a few years as a kid; I initially joined because I had friends who were Boy Scouts and I really wanted to do all the cool stuff they got to do, like camping and building things. But my particular Girl Scout troop was more interested in "girly" things like making jewelry and arts & crafts, so I didn't stick with it for very long. I know not all Girl Scout troops were that way, and in hindsight, I probably should have found another troop that was more in line with what I was interested in.

That being said, I think girls and boys can learn a lot from each other, and can develop critical life skills working together. But if we're going to admit girls, then why don't we just drop the "Boy" and "Girl" and simply call it "The Scouts?" 

For the record, for overnight trips, boys and girls will be housed separately. 

I'm interested to know what you think about this, especially if you're a parent of a Boy or Girl Scout.

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