Carrie Underwood Pregnancy Rumors

I love me some Carrie Underwood. She's crazy talented, gorgeous, and totally inspires me to work hard in the gym (I mean, have you seen her legs?!). 

But ever since she had her little boy, Isaiah, people have been asking her when she's going to have another baby. I've personally never understood this... if a lady is still recovering from her last pregnancy and adjusting to motherhood, why on earth would you put pressure on her to answer that question?? 

Anyway, another day, another Carrie Underwood pregnancy rumor. There are a few Instagram photos that have got fans talking. 

The first is a behind-the-scenes pic at a CMA Awards rehearsal. I don't could be the fluffiness of the dress. 


The other photo was taken by a fan at a pumpkin patch. I personally think the horizontal stripes might be creating the illusion of a belly when there really isn't one. 


Then there's this one at the Opry last week. Again, I think we're speculating based on the fluffiness of the dress. I could be wrong, but here ya go...


So there you go. What do you think? Baby or no baby? Whether she's expecting or not, I just hope she's healthy and happy. You do you, Carrie Underwood!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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