How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

I've always been a good sleeper. I lie down and within about 90 seconds, I'm out. I feel very lucky to have been blessed with good sleep, because I know SO MANY people who toss and turn for hours before drifting off. My husband is one of those people. It drives him nuts that I go to bed and fall asleep immediately, while it usually takes him close to an hour. Sleep deprivation is really unhealthy, so this is an ongoing issue for him.

Well, if you're one who has trouble falling asleep, here are some proven tips to help you go night-night. They're all super simple, and don't involve sleeping pills! Yay!

How to get a good night's sleep:

Turn off all screens (TV, phone, etc) a minimum of 37 minutes before bedtime. (37? Not 35 or 40? Ok)

Ensure your room is about 61 degrees (WHAT?! Do you want me to freeze to death!?)

Make sure your sheets and nightclothes are clean

Make sure the room is totally dark, painted white, and tidied (Why does wall color matter if my eyes are closed?)

Read a few pages of a paper book (not an e-reader but actual paper)

Sleep on your right side, with legs curled up

Don't cuddle up with your partner (Rude!)

I'd like to add one of my own, and a lot of my pet parents won't like this one: don't let your pet(s) sleep in the bed with you. I have 2 cats who I ADORE, but they move around too much. My older kitty, Boston, thinks it's really fun to knock things off my dresser when he thinks no one is looking. Rather than to wake up 472 times per night because of a moving/noisy kitty, I just close the bedroom door when it's time for me to hit the hay. Seriously, your pets will have full run of the rest of the house. It won't kill them not to sleep with you, but it WILL increase the likelihood of you getting quality sleep. Also, here's another reason not to let your pets sleep in your bed. 

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