Woman Loses 100 lbs...With Baked Beans??

Losing weight can be such a struggle for so many people, and paying for gym memberships, fitness equipment, and healthy meals can get expensive. 

Meet Hollie from England. Hollie had two children and wanted to lose the baby weight, but she didn't have a lot of room in her budget for a gym membership, so she got creative. 

Hollie bought an exercise DVD, started walking around her neighborhood, and working out using cans of baked beans from her pantry. Yep, she used tin cans instead of dumbbells, and over time, lost 98 pounds in ONE YEAR, by working out at home. 

Hollie says she learned to make healthier food choices and spend more time being active rather than sedentary. She says her confidence is through the roof, and she feels fantastic!

Hollie's story is proof that with determination and discipline, anything is possible! Maybe this will inspire you to stick to your goals today, whatever they happen to be! Go Hollie!

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Sarah Jacobs

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