Where to find Gas in Tampa Bay

The Coast Guard cleared the Port of Tampa to reopen today after Hurricane Irma, which means that fuel vessels are currently docking and offloading fuel. Officials say there are dozens of tanker trucks being filled today, and are delivering fuel to Tampa Bay and beyond. Nearly 50% of Florida's fuel supply comes through the Port of Tampa, so this is great news!

As many Floridians are making the trip back south after evacuating before the storm, we're hearing reports of gas stations being out of fuel, or still without power. GasBuddy.com is a fantastic resource to find gas stations near you who have fuel (there is also a free Gas Buddy app that you can download). 

I've talked to some friends who are on their way back home in Florida, and they're having better luck finding gas on state and county highways. The majority of the traffic is traveling on the interstates, so it makes sense that the gas stations along the interstates would be depleted. Try traveling alternate routes. The traffic will probably be lighter, and gasoline more abundant. 

PRO TIP: BRING CASH. Many businesses have regained electricity, but their internet hasn't been restored yet. Credit card processors require internet to work, so cash is key! 

Be safe out there!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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