Why do some people ALWAYS get bitten by mosquitoes?

I'm one of those people who ALWAYS gets bitten by mosquitoes. If I go outside at dusk for 30 seconds, I'll come back in with a dozen bites, while my husband can be out for hours and they don't touch him. I've never understood this. 

According to this article, I likely meet the "criteria" for a tasty bite, according to mosquitoes, and the people who research them.

Here they are, according to says.com:

1. You have Type O blood. (I don't actually know my blood type, so the jury's out on this one for me)

2. You are larger than average (it has to do with the amount of CO2 your body releases. I don't know about this one...I'm not a large person)

3. You're pregnant (nope, not this girl!)

4. You've been sweating (I exercise a lot, so chances are, yes, I've been sweating)

5. You've been drinking (yeah, probably. lol)

6. You're wearing dark clothing (all black errythang...guilty as charged)

7. You have high metabolism, or a particular body chemistry that the bugs like (this could be me, too)

So there you go. If you fall into some of these categories, it could explain why mosquitoes LOVE to bite you. You can read more HERE.

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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