Guys who work in these fields are more likely to cheat

According to the adultery website Ashley Madison (*eye roll*), guys who work in certain industries are more likely to cheat than those in other jobs.

  • 17% of guys in sales said they’d hook up with someone who wasn't their wife or girlfriend.
  • 12% of men who work in corporate offices admitted they’re totally down for cheating.
  • 9% of those in the medical field are looking for love … on the side.
  • And, 8% of construction workers dream of getting a little something-something extra – and, of course, getting away with it.

What do you think? 

There's a big difference between having thoughts about another woman, and actually DOING something with another woman. It seems like most of these careers have one thing in common: they all involve meeting new people on a pretty regular basis. So maybe that's the people means new (and more frequent) opportunities to be a dirty bird. 

Granted, this is from Ashley Madison, a site that HELPS people cheat, so maybe it's a little more accurate than I'd like to admit.

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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