Topless bathing suit?

Men can walk around topless in America without any issue and in most places, and women can't.  There's a new bathing suit that offers up some subtle social commentary on that paradox.  Or maybe I'm WAY overthinking it, and women just wanna look hairy. Why? I have no idea.

A clothing website called Beloved just started selling a women's one-piece bathing suit that looks exactly like a man's HAIRY CHEST.  And hairy stomach and back.  And hairy . . . um . . . region below the stomach. Eew. 

 It costs $45 and you can get it in three different skin tones.  And if you wear it, you will DEFINITELY make a statement. 

The only practical application for this that I can see is, if you just want to hang at the beach or lay by the pool and NOT be bothered by random dudes who are trying to holler at your hot self, this will probably send a clear turn-off message. Other than that, I just don't get it. 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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