Governor DeSantis hasn't ruled out students returning to class.

As the fight against the spread of COVID-19 continues, have children seen the last of their classroom this school year? Governor Ron DeSantis says he hasn't made a decision yet as students do the best they can to learn from home.

"You know, I think a lot of parents kinda would like kids to have access to school if it's safe," the governor said. "And if they have a choice and they know it's safe, I think most of them would prefer that."

The governor says stay tuned- he plans to host a roundtable soon on a host of education issues that need to be addressed.

Meanwhile, during his Tuesday COVID-19 update, Governor DeSantis said more Florida hospitals are getting access to Abbott Lab's 5 minute rapid test for the coronavirus, which the governor says is a game-changer--

"When you're talking about protecting the healthcare workforce, when you're talking about identifying patients as they first come into the hospital with certain symptoms- to be able to rule out somebody for COVID- that really helps the hospitals be able to make the best use of their resources."

Florida hospitals are gearing up for an expected surge in cases over the next couple weeks.

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