Palm Beach County Considers Memorial To Victims Of Lynchings

Palm Beach County is considering a plan to create a memorial, dedicated to those who suffered from lynchings.

County Commissioner Gregg Weiss says it's about acknowledging the things in our county's history that we're not proud of.

"I think it's important for us to know about our history. To remember our history, remember the past, otherwise we're likely to repeat it."

Lonnie Lovett is a pastor at a Baptist church near downtown West Palm Beach. He agrees with Weiss.

"The young people really has forgotten the history of what black folks have gone through and how they've been oppressed over the years."

An Alabama-based non-profit has dozens of steel memorials, one for each county in the U.S. where blacks were lynched and the proposal is to bring the one here with the names of Henry Simmons and Samuel Nelson, whose lynchings in the 1920's were described in old newspaper clippings.

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Photo: CBS 12

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