Missing Marion County Mother and Children Found Dead in Georgia.

A missing Marion County woman has been found dead in Georgia and now word that her four children are also dead. Casei Jones' body was found in her husband's car after a traffic accident in Brantley County, Georgia, and Michael Jones Jr., is facing second degree murder charges in his wife's death.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods says inteviews after the accident led them to the children's bodies.

"As a sheriff it angers me to no end. Something to this degree- how a human being could even do this," Sheriff Woods said. "Now as far as I'm concerned, as the sheriff of this country, underneath the jail isn't good enough. He has no right to walk the face of the earth."

Jones is the father of the children ages 10,5,2 and 1. The mother and the children were last seen in the Ocala area 6 weeks ago.