This 24 minute beach sunrise video is EXACTLY what we all need right now!

Man, life is crazy right now, isn't it? I honestly NEVER would have thought we'd be in a situation like we are right now ever, haha. But hey, that's how the cards were dealt right? For whatever reason, God's plan has us slowing down, focusing on family, and dealing with this Coronavirus thing. As annoying as it is, I truly believe this is God's way of telling us all focus on what MATTERS, and to turn our eyes and hearts back to him! With that being said, it's stressful. So a quick moment to escape and enjoy something like a beach sunrise from the confines of your home is pretty amazing right?! This is from Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks and it's absolutely STUNNING. So grab that coffee, sit back and relax, and forget about everything for the next 24 hours!