Darius Rucker Speaks Out Against Scammers Posing As Him On Social Media

Photo: Getty Images

Darius Rucker is speaking out against scammers posing as him on social media.

Rucker shared a tweet by London-based musician Lucy Blu, who took a screenshot of an account posing as the “Same Beer Different Problem” singer. “Lol nice try but I got the real deal on here already,” she wrote in her tweet, tagging Rucker to bring the fake account to his attention. Rucker wrote in his retweet:

“U guys once again. If u are talking to me anybody in my family in my crew or band. It is not any of us. It is a scam. Even saw one doctor up a drivers (license) last week. We shut down over 200 a month. Do not send money or anything. It is not me or anyone with me!!”

Rucker is far from alone in his fight against fake accounts on social media channels. Earlier this year, fellow country artist Lee Brice, for example, also spoke out against “totally bogus” accounts trying to scam fans. “I want y’all to know, I only have one account on my social media and it will always have the blue check mark next to my name to show you it’s my verified account,” Brice clarified at the time. See Rucker’s tweet here:

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