This Week's Weird News 1/21/22

Possible paranormal phenomena captured by doorbell cameras, a DNA test for a giant potato, and a woman's wild ride atop a frozen river in Canada were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week

While we often hear stories of odd objects being declared the 'world's largest,' this past week provided an enlightening look at the rigors of obtaining such a title. Last autumn, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown made worldwide headlines when they unearthed a whopping 17-pound potato from their garden in New Zealand. Believed to be the largest spud ever found, they set about trying to claim the record, but soon learned that it was easier said than done when they were told that pictures, videos, and a public weighing were not enough and that the tremendous tuber would actually have to be DNA tested to verify that it was a genuine potato!

Photo: Getty Images

This past week saw a pair of puzzling doorbell camera videos possibly showing paranormal phenomena pop up in the news. First, a homeowner in California was bewildered when her security system alerted her to a disturbance outside her residence and, when she checked to see what caused the notification, she was astounded to see an eerie dark cloud, which some have theorized is a ghost, pass across her driveway. Then, over in England, a mom and her three kids were mystified when their doorbell camera was triggered by a winged anomaly resembling a fairy fluttering outside their home.

By far the most bizarre story of the week came by way of Canada where a woman drove her car onto a frozen river and then took a selfie atop the sinking vehicle as she was being rescued. The wild scene, which unfolded the city of Manotick over the weekend, began when the unnamed driver was spotted cruising at approximately forty miles per hour along the frozen Rideau River. When the ice could not support the vehicle and it began to sink into the chilly waters below, astounded witnesses sprung into action and paddled out to the woman with a kayak to save her. It was at that point that they became doubly astonished when she insisted on taking a selfie on the roof of the car before boarding the boat to safety.

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