Tax Collector Considers Charging Employees To Insure Unvaccinated Spouses

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Palm Beach County's Tax Collector made headlines last spring when she ordered her employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19 or find new jobs.

Now, Anne Gannon is considering going a step further, telling the Palm Beach Post that she is researching whether she can charge a premium to workers who want to cover their unvaccinated spouses or kids over the age of 12 on their employee-provided health insurance plans.

Gannon says her office spent a million dollars covering the health care costs of four people who wound up in the hospital with the coronavirus.

The tax collector claims she received death threats after announcing the edict that her staff get their shots, but she wasn't surprised that all but 8 of her more than 300 employees complied, with the exception of 20 who received medical or religious exemptions. Those folks have to get tested for COVID weekly.

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