Florida couple tries to get married at "abandoned" mansion...

A Florida couple tried to get married at what they THOUGHT was an empty mansion... turns out the owner was there when their wedding guests showed up and kicked everyone out!

The couple, Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones toured the home months ago. The property has been listed for sale for two years and the couple posed as interested buyers to gain access to the house. While there, they asked the owner if they could use the home for their wedding, and owner said no.

But that didn't stop Jones and Wilson from planning a wedding there anyway, sending out invitations, and arranging for vendors to come on the weekend of their wedding. Jones and Wilson assumed that no one was living in the house, since it had been for sale for two years, and decided to take a chance... when they showed up on the wedding day, the owner--who DOES live there--called police.

The owner decided not to press charges...he just wanted police to escort the tresspassers from his property, which they did. No word on whether or not the couple got married at another location!

How could they think they'd get away with that?!

[WFLA News]

Photo: Getty Images