Tampa Bay crossing guard saves girl from being hit by car

A school crossing guard in Florida is being recognized as a hero after she kept a seven-year-old girl from being hit by a car. Crossing guard supervisor Kathleen Quinn was helping students get to school safely in Valrico when a car “swept through” an intersection, ignoring her commands to stop, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Quinn immediately grabbed the girl who was walking her bike across the street and prevented what officials say could have been a tragic accident. She says she saw the girl coming and jumped into action to make sure the car didn’t hit her. The girl’s mother, Mia Carlson, witnessed the near-accident and was happy to report the crossing guard’s “heroic actions” to the sheriff’s office.

“Ms. Kathleen Quinn is nothing less than a hero. She stepped into harm’s way to protect a child from a reckless driver,” Sheriff Chad Chronister says. “I am overwhelmed with pride to say she is part of our team of dedicated crossing guards.”

Let this serve as a reminder to us all: PAY ATTENTION and SLOW DOWN in school zones!