14 baby Right Whales spotted off Florida coast!

Fourteen baby right whales have been spotted off the Atlantic coast of Florida, signaling what the FWC is calling the "most successful calving season in years."

Right whales are critically endangered--with an estimated 356 remaining at the end of 2019 - of which fewer than 70 are adult females of calf-bearing-age. They weight up to 70 tons, and calve off the Atlantic shores of Florida and Georgia before moving into northern waters. Numbers have plummeted in recent years due to entanglements with commercial fishing equipment and collisions with ships.

Right whales are protected, so if you see these beautiful creatures, look but don't touch! Do not approach the whales, especially if they are mothers with their young. Federal law requires that vessels, kayaks, SUPs, jet skis and all other watercraft remain at least 500 yards from right whales. 

It's amazing that so many new babies have been born right off our coast! Hopefully they stay healthy and have long lives!


Thumbnail photo: Getty Images