Florida is the 5th most hated state in the US

If you want to know which states are the most hated in the good ol’ U.S.A., you need look no further than Best Life Online. Using the following three criteria, they were able to create an algorithm that determined each state’s “hatred index.”

  • Percentage of the population recently moving out-of-state and in.
  • Gallop Poll data that showed the level of “state pride” in a given state.
  • A survey of 320K-plus people asking which states they “hated” the most.

When these three metrics were examined, New Jersey, Texas and California came out on top – as the most hated. Here’s are the states that ended up being the most hated in the nation.

  • New Jersey –Hatred index of 818
  • Texas –Hatred index of 758
  • California –Hatred index of 705
  • Oklahoma –Hatred index of 681
  • Florida –Hatred index of 392 <--- EXCUSE ME?!
  • Michigan –Hatred index of 326
  • Kentucky –Hatred index of 323
  • Indiana –Hatred index of 309
  • Alabama –Hatred index of 292
  • Kansas –Hatred index of 246

The states that that felt the hate the least were: Idaho (-304), Utah (-290), Washington (-238), Nevada (-208), and Arizona (-169).

What I find interesting here is that Florida is the 5th "most hated," yet we literally have a THOUSAND PEOPLE A DAY moving here from other US states. That sure doesn't sound like a whole lotta hate to me. Or if it is, I better not catch y'all badmouthing us while simultaneously enjoying our sunshine and tax benefits, or I'll kindly point you back north on I-75!

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Photo: Getty Images