Jelly Belly founder to give away factory with "golden ticket" treasure hunt

You remember Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, right? An eccentric candy maker hides "golden tickets" in a handful of candy bars, and the kids who find them get to take a tour of his top-secret candy factory...and at the end, Wonka gives the factory to one of the kids (I would have offered a spoiler alert, but the movie is almost 50 years old).

Well, the founder of Jelly Belly jelly beans is doing this in real life!

David Klein, the founder of Jelly Belly, is retiring, but before he does, he's launching a "golden ticket" treasure hunt across the country. The winner will walk away with a key to their very own candy factory! Plus, there is cash and other prizes up for grabs!

The golden tickets are being hidden in secret locations across the US. Click HERE for more cool would it be if someone in Florida won?!


Photo: Getty Images

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