Volunteers organize cleanups all across America

I decided to take a break from TV and social media, because the destruction and division in this country right now is hurting my heart. Over the weekend, demonstrators took to the streets here in Tampa Bay and all across the country to protest injustice in the wake of the death of George Floyd. While most of those demonstrations started peacefully, several of them turned destructive as violence and vandalism erupted. Businesses were destroyed, buildings were burned, and people were hurt. It's been all over the news, and it's hard to watch, especially when it's happening in our own back yard.

But here's what a lot of news outlets won't show you: Thousands of volunteers all over the country showed up afterward to clean up the mess. Here are some examples, starting with a local one!

Tampa-area football players clean city after protests

With love, community rallies to clean up after riots in Seattle

Volunteers in Atlanta work together to clean up damage from riots

Houston man takes power washer downtown to remove graffiti after protests

These are just a FEW examples, but I wanted to be sure you saw the BEST of humanity today, when it seems like the worst is all around us.

We can't control what anyone else does, but we can control how we act. We can wake up each day and decide if we want to be be part of the problem, or part of the solution. We can decide that we're going to treat everyone we encounter with respect, compassion, and love. Be the best you can be today. <3

Photo: Getty Images

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