Why you should wear sunscreen, even if you're staying inside

This stat was totally mind-blowing to me: The average adult in the US spends 5,000 hours a YEAR in front of a screen! Phone, tablet, computer, TV...all that screen time adds up to THOUSANDS of hours a year...34 YEARS of your life!

And those screens all emit UV light.

So if you’ve been skipping your daily sunscreen because you’ve barely left the house in the last month (or two), you’re going to want to start wearing it again ... right now. Turns out, that blue light emanating from your computer, phone, and tablet screens can be just as bad for your skin as the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. To prevent dryness and early signs of aging from extra screen time, dermatologists recommend wearing mineral-based sunscreens, which are good at blocking all kinds of light damage on your skin. And don’t forget your hands and neck too! 

Well, THERE'S something I had no idea I needed to worry about!

More specifics in the link below...prepare to learn a LOT about UV light and your skin.


Photo: Getty Images

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