8 Netflix-Approved Films For The Wine Moms

Parents around the globe are doing their best amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do they have to tend to their professional responsibilities, but many of them have transformed into part-time tutors, helping their children navigate the basics of e-learning. So what else is on the agenda? We can imagine that some have turned to wine to help with the stress of the day and Netflix has recommended a list of movies that pair well with some vino. Scroll on below to see the streaming platform's eight-approved titles for the wine moms!

1.) Wine Country (2019)

Six longtime friends come together for a trip to Napa Valley, California to celebrate a milestone birthday: the big 5-0. However, the wine-packed vacation finds them questioning their friendships and future. Like all outings involving a bunch of booze, things get messier as the film unravels.

2.) Otherhood (2019)

After three mothers are felt forgotten on Mother's Day, the trio of friends drive from the suburbs to New York City to reconnect with their adult sons. Along the way, they explore what means to be an aging mother and learn to make themselves a priority.

3.) The First Wives Club (1996)

Netflix include a classic with the inclusion of The First Wives Club, the famed tale of three divorced women who are reunited by the death of a college friend. After coming together, they lean on each other to seek revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women.

4.) I'll See You In My Dreams (2015)

In this dramedy, a widow/former singer is faced with the reality of age. Thankfully, she learns that new chapters can begin at any age in life. With some loyal girlfriends by her side, she discovered a new friendship, romance and even reconnects with her daughter.

5.) A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

Three mothers face the ultimate challenge of conquering Christmas when their own mothers drop into down unexpectedly. In this comedy, they must rebel and rise against the odds to survive the holiday season for their own sanity.

6.) Fun Mom Dinner (2017)

In yet another installment of mom's gone wild, four mothers surpass their common grounds of preschool and set up a harmless "fun mom dinner." Cue the dramatic pause for a glass of red wine.

7.) Monster-In-Law (2005)

In this love triangle, one mother does anything she can to try and destroy her son's newest relationship. However, this relentless mother has met her match as his soon-to-be bride is just as merciful.

8.) Wild Oats (2016)

Everything changes for one woman when she receives a life insurance check that's accidentally made out for 50 million dollars instead of her expected $50,000 figure. With the large sum of money, she and her gal pal head to the Canary Islands for an adventure.

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