Pole Dancer Adapts To Life In Quarantine In Hilarious Video

With just about everyone across the country staying at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, a lot of people who aren't used to being in their house all day are having to adapt. Office workers, teachers, waiters, personal trainers and others have had to adjust to life at home. That's also true for pole dancers, and one just showed the world how she is coping with the hours on end in her home.

In a hilarious video she posted to Reddit, Fiona Maxine does the things most of us have been spending time doing at our homes, only she does it while defying gravity as she spins around her pole. From sleeping on a pillow to reading magazines to snacking, even playing the ukulele - Fiona does it all on the pole.

Commenters were impressed, writing things like, "This is peak performance! You're an athlete through and through," and "I really want to try this one day!"

As for how she came to be so good on the pole, Fiona explained that it was actually an accident that brought her to it, saying:

"I was a contemporary dancer for most of my life. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue dance but a week after moving, I was in a car accident that left me too injured to dance for years. Six years later, I wanted to get into dance again but had lost a lot of my skill. I saw a video of Marion Crampe on a pole and found her movement to be so beautiful that it took my breath away. I decided I HAD to learn and started as soon as I could. A year after my first class I was asked to teach and I’ve been teaching at that same studio ever since!"

As for how she can spin so effortlessly and painlessly, Fiona said, "There isn’t much friction between the metal pole and the skin because you stick to the pole while the pole spins. But it does burn."

Photo: Reddit/YouTube