Hillsborough County Offers Compromise on Stay at Home

TAMPA -- Hillsborough County is expected to vote Thursday on an order that would tell non-essential workers to stay home and tell non-essential businesses to either close or follow six foot separation guidelines from the CDC. It would also incorporate a curfew.

The county's Emergency Policy Group held a teleconference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the proposal. There was debate over whether the word "curfew" was appropriate. The original proposal called for a 24-hour travel ban on weekends, and 10 pm to 5 am weeknights. An amendment to the proposal changes the effective time to 10 pm Friday.

Tampa mayor Jane Castor, who's a member of the policy group, had called for a stay at home order for the city of Tampa alone, which was resisted by other panel members.

The final vote on the proposal is set for a 1:30 pm emergency meeting.

Pinellas County commissioners approved a "safer at home" policy in an emergency meeting Wednesday.