Southwest Airlines will start calling passengers out on bad behavior

I found out from one of my favorite Instagram accounts last night -- @passengershaming -- that Southwest Airlines is going to start calling people out for bad behavior on airplanes.

I am HERE FOR THIS. I don't know why there are some people who need to be told not to take off their shoes, pick at their stinky feet, paint their nails, bring seafood on a plane, or let their toddlers run up and down the aisle, but these hooligans exist, and their lack of courtesy is very irritating to their fellow passengers. Well, Southwest is sick of it too, and have instituted a new policy aimed at curbing "unwelcome behavior" on flights. This unwelcome behavior also includes sexual harassment, which happens A LOT on planes, unfortunately.

According to protocol, Southwest Flight Attendants have several options for dealing with these sorts of situations,Travel Pulse reports. These responses include re-seating a passenger away from where the unwelcome behavior took place, requesting that the offending passenger stop the behavior, notifying the captain and even seeking law enforcement assistance upon landing in certain circumstances.

Thank you, Southwest, for doing your part in making air travel more comfortable for us all! Just one more reason I will legitimately go out of my way to fly Southwest over another airline.

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Here's a great--and gross--example of "unwelcome behavior" on a plane: a passenger is drying their underpants in the air vent. NO. THIS IS NOT OK. Put your underpants away.


Just. Be. Considerate. It's a shared space. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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