School bus driver quits in the middle of a route

I'm sure, as a parent, there are moments when you're having a particularly rough day, and you think to yourself, "If I leave now, I can be in Mexico in 4 hours," BUT YOU DON'T ACTUALLY DO THAT.

A Newark, NJ school bus driver was in the middle of her afternoon route last week when she allegedly drove the bus to her home (which was not on the bus route), stopped the bus, got out, and walked away. As she left, she told the bus attendant, "You handle these kids yourself," and she just went inside her home with no further explanation.

The 14 kids were sitting unsupervised on the bus for several hours, before parents started to call the school because their kids weren't home on time. At that point, police officers were sent to the bus and the kids were eventually brought home safe.

You can read the full story here.

The kids are all ok...but I have a feeling that driver is no longer employed.

Photo: Getty Images

Rear view of yellow school buses, New York, USA

Rear view of yellow school buses, New York, USA

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