WWII vet reunited with stolen Cadillac

This story really made my day!

Police in Sacramento, California have returned a World War II veteran’s car to him after it was stolen, but this is no ordinary set of wheels. The 1956 Bermuda blue Cadillac Eldorado was given to Curly Bunfill, 106, by actress Rita Hayworth.

Bunfill, who earned three Purple Heart medals, later worked as a movie stuntman and says he was gifted the car by Hayworth after they danced at a party at her home. “Our eyes met and we danced,” he recalls. “And she had all these cars in her garage, beautiful, beautiful cars. We danced around the cars.”

The actress reportedly asked him which one was his favorite and he pointed to the blue Caddy. And when she died, she willed it to him.

Great work on the part of the Sacramento police for reuniting this veteran with his car! What a great story!

[New York Post]



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