Woman finds birth father on Facebook

Facebook is often such a frustrating place filled with people who just want to argue with strangers over topics they're not even well-versed in. It can be exhausting. But sometimes Facebook causes really amazing things to happen too!

A woman who was adopted as a baby has been searching for her long-lost father for years and she finally found him after he was “suggested” as a friend on Facebook. Karen Harris, 56, was born to teen parents. She had previously tracked down her mom, but couldn’t find her dad because she didn’t have much information about him aside from his name,Trevor Sinden.

Decades after she started looking for her birth father, his name appeared in the “people you may know” feature on Facebook and after Harris looked at his profile, she realized he could be her dad. They chatted for a few weeks before meeting for the first time in an emotional reunion.

“Looking at your family that brought you up, you’re really grateful that they brought you up, but you don’t have that sense of belonging,” says Harris. “Now I’ve found completion. I’ve found connection and completion and I’m cherishing it."

[Good News Network]



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