A dating website is banning filtered photos!

Dating is hard. Have you ever matched with a guy who you thought looked like Robert Downey Jr, and then when you saw him in person, he was a dead ringer for Danny DeVito? Well, one dating app is helping put a stop to that!

Plenty of Fish is banning the use of photo filters in profile pics to make it harder for people to misrepresent what they look like!

They polled members and found 70% think filters are deceptive, especially ones that airbrush your face. 52% of members said they should be banned.

23% of people also said using a filter like that makes you seem insecure . . . and 16% said it makes you seem superficial.

Looks aren't the only thing we lie about on dating sites though . . .

45% of users admitted they embellish their looks. But 51% also stretch the truth about their hobbies and interests . . . 34% lie about their income . . . and 31% have lied about their education.

I personally think they should go a step further and make sure that people's profile pics are CURRENT! I have a friend who went on a date with a guy, only to find out his pic was almost 20 years old, and he didn't look anything like the photo! Some might say that's superficial, but be real--if you're not at least a little bit physically attracted to a potential partner, it's probably not going to work!

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