Strapless flip flops might be coming to a store near you

I can see how these might be a good option as water shoes...but that's about it.

Someone on Indiegogo is raising money for a shoe-flip-flop hybrid called a "Link" shoe that stays on by gripping the sides of your foot..which means they don't have straps or laces.

They're calling them strapless flip-flops, and they basically look like shoes with the top half cut off. They breathe well . . . have arch support . . . and they're easier to run in than flip-flops are.

Not everyone thinks they're dumb though. Almost 900 people have backed the campaign on Indiegogo so far, and they've raised over $73,000.

They're planning to sell them for $119, but you can get them right now for 69 bucks. Just search for, "Link, The World’s First Flip-Shoe" on

Ok, I can see how they'd be beneficial on a boat or at the pool...but for $119, you can keep 'em. I'll stick to my $2 Old Navy flip flops, thankyouverymuch.


Flip Shoe


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