Customer leaves $5000 tip for server on Clearwater Beach!

A server in Clearwater Beach got a nice pick-me-up after an incredibly challenging week. Ryan was waiting tables at Clear Sky Beachside Café after having to recently put her dog down and the server was blown away by a very generous tip.

According to the restaurant’s corporate office, one of Ryan’s customers left her a $5,000 tip on a $44 bill. The restaurant didn’t release the big spender’s name, but the act of kindness had to help in this difficult time.

What an incredibly kind and generous thing to do! I waited tables for 10 years, and I can recall a few times where a kind stranger left a large tip (never THAT large, but still!), and it just makes such a huge difference in a server's day. Waiting tables can be really challenging, and the kindness of a stranger can go a long way. I'd encourage you--if you're able--to drop a few extra bucks for your server the next time you dine out. It may only be a couple dollars to you, but it makes a world of difference for them. Let's all spread kindness!

ps-- If you're into this kind of thing, one of my favorite Instagram accounts is @TipsForJesus . It's an account that showcases generous tips left (anonymously) by customers. Pretty cool stuff.

[ABC Action News]

Frenchy's and Clear Sky Corporate

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