Those "lucky numbers" on a fortune cookie turned out to be VERY lucky!

Have you ever noticed the "lucky numbers" on the back of the fortune in a fortune cookie? Have you ever thought they might *actually* be lucky??

Charles Jackson of North Carolina recently won a $344 million Powerball jackpot using the numbers on the back of piece of paper inside a fortune cookie given to him by his granddaughter.

While the fortune cookie claimed to offer “lucky numbers,” Charles had no idea he’d be lucky enough to win hundreds of millions of dollars. He also didn’t even realize just how big the prize was! At first, he thought he’d won $50,000 -- and not the full grand prize.

But then he checked the numbers again. Sure enough--he got them all right!

And this good fortune was all due to a little cookie from a Vietnamese restaurant -- and a thoughtful granddaughter.


Jackson says the money won't change him; he'll still wear his old jeans and he plans to give $1 million to his brother. Congratulations!


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