Dodgeball is "oppressive" and should be banned

There is literally NOTHING you could do that would make EVERYONE happy. You could cure cancer, and someone, somewhere, would find a reason to complain. And apparently, a staple of our childhood--dodgeball--is is the latest object of peoples' ire.

Researchers in Canada say that dodgeball is nothing more than legalized bullying. It is dehumanizing, harmful, and nothing more than an unethical tool of oppression. They say it should be permanently and immediately banned.

The researchers even went so far as to call dodgeball racist.


Now, I was never what you'd call "athletic." I was the slow, pudgy kid on the playground who got picked last for EVERY activity, and got beaned in the face more than my fair share of times with those old-school red dodgeballs. But I'm not bitter. Ok, maybe I'm a little bitter. But I never felt oppressed, dehumanized, or traumatized. And even if I did, a little struggle is good for people. If everything were easy all the time, you'd never learn anything. So I say, bring on the dodgeball!

The video below is about a similar story in New Hampshire where dodgeball was banned by a school. Thoughts?


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